Networking – conversation starters

two talking

Any professional get together can become a networking opportunity. Whether you are at breakfast/lunch events, workshops, seminars, multi-day conventions, or even networking happy hours are rich with prospective connection. But what if you’re a shy or reserved person? Maybe you feel awkward or tongue tied initiating conversations with complete strangers? That was me when I…

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Networking tips for success and results


Is networking dead? Some people seem to think so. Others think it’s ineffective and time consuming when you can easily have an online presence and connect that way.   In truth, networking is another marketing tool that can be quite powerful when done purposefully. It is not the place to make a sale, but to…

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Planning Your Leap Book & Workbook

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No time like now to get the book for Free and take action!
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Start Your Day Right!

Opt in flower meditation

Gratitude. Joy. Love.

~ Be intentional in all that you do ~
I hope this meditation will get you centered & focused to have the best day always.

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Copywriting Guide


Copywriting tips from the Pros.

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