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About Melin Isa

I created this website for someone just like you who is looking for a way to realize your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and living life on your own terms. My goals are to energize and motivate you to take the first steps by sharing my knowledge and resources.


So, who am I? I am a business mentor and sales mastery coach. I started my first business, a financial coaching company, in 2006 while still working at my corporate job. I juggled both my business and my corporate job until I felt the business could make enough money to support me full-time.


Building a business has been an incredible journey. Sure, it's a lot of hard work and it can be full of ups and downs but it has also brought me great personal and professional growth. I love being a mentor and coach because I can positively impact the well-being and future of others. Words cannot describe my feelings when I see amazing transformations in my clients' lives, whether they are business, personal, or financial.


This site will continue to grow with additional information on sales techniques, marketing strategies, business opportunities, lead generation and more.


I have also written a bestselling book Planning Your Leap: 7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Business Before Quitting Your Day Job, which is currently available on Amazon.


Now, go and take ACTION!


Planning Your Leap Book & Workbook

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Start Your Day Right!

Opt in flower meditation

Gratitude. Joy. Love.

~ Be intentional in all that you do ~
I hope this meditation will get you centered & focused to have the best day always.

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Copywriting Guide


Copywriting tips from the Pros.

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