126: Dee Tutt: Have faith in what you’re doing.

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DeeA former professional hairstylist, Dee Tutt’s creative side took a unique turn when she discovered a talent for mixing cocktails.  Inspired by drinks she enjoyed while traveling to her favorite islands in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, she created a unique Caribbean style punch for a gathering of close friends and family. Little did she know how popular her kitchen creation – perfected over 30 years – would one day become. Named Savîle Premium Rumtini, this exotically refreshing drink became a local phenomenon, and she was encouraged to manufacture it for mass production for all to enjoy.

Dee shares…

What motivated her to start a business in the first place?

  • Friends and family have always told Dee she should sell her flavored rumtini. Dee eventually felt the timing was right for her to launch her rumtini brand.

Did she start the business on the side or dive in full-time?

  • Part-time

What were the first steps that she took?

  • Dee put a team together, starting with her daughter and cousin. She had to also approve the flavors with the flavor house.

What type of people does she surround herself with?

  • Since Dee and her family were not knowledgeable in the alcohol beverage industry she connected with three people who knew the industry in and out.

What book(s) would she recommend aspiring entrepreneurs read?

What advice would she give to someone who is starting their journey into entrepreneurship?

  • Do your research and try to surround yourself with the people who are in the industry. Find out if that’s a viable industry to get into. Don’t be so trusting in everyone; use discernment. Have faith in what you’re doing.

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