121: Expert Friday: Ajay Prasad: Establishing and managing your online reputation.

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AjayAjay Prasad is a serial entrepreneur and owner of two seven-figure small businesses. He has recently launched a new product onto the market called RepuGen, which is a SaaS product that helps small businesses connect with their customers and obtain positive online reviews and protect against negative reviews. Ajay strives to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals, and is available to answer any questions you may have about starting a business at ajay@gmrwebteam.com.

Ajay teaches…

How to manage your online reputation?

  • Set up your profile (claim your reputation) on social media platforms that your customers spend time on.
  • Have good presence on those platforms where people say good things about your and like you.
  • 92% of consumers will check out information about the business before they will contact you.
  • People are also interested in seeing how the business handles the reviews.
  • You should respond to all reviews: thank those who wrote the good reviews and address issues when the review is bad.
  • Hand your customer cards to your customer to start the process of getting a review unless you have a software tool to automate the process.
  • Ask them to rate (star or 1-10) and then explain why.
  • Unhappy customers are more likely to write a review than happy customers.
  • Getting a customer to give you a review will intercept the customer from venting online when they are unhappy.



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Melin is a sales and business coach who works with aspiring, part-time, and new entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business. She partners with her clients to figure out their gifts and talents, explore opportunities that are aligned with their interests and purpose, create strategies to launch their business, develop sales skills and mindset, gain confidence and clarity, and so much more.

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