074: Victor Clarke: Cash in the bank is a fact.

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Victor LinkedIn ImageVictor has a 30+ year career in sales and marketing.  His career includes peddling copiers, computer hardware and software, print, and website design. Victor’s claim to fame is that he installed the first laptop computers in the US House of Representatives and the first desktop computers in the US Senate.  Victor’s company, Clarke, Inc., has successfully transitioned its business operation away from a dedicated offset printing company and now works with businesses that do not have a dedicated marketing staff to manage their communications and redeploy them. Clarke’s Inc.’s philosophy is to help its clients “Be Better and Do More”.

Victor shares…

What motivated him to start a business in the first place?

  • Victor was frustrated with his corporate job as well as the Beltway traffic. He and his wife decided to move to Virginia and bought an existing business.

Did he start the business on the side or dive in full-time?

  • Full-time

What were the first few steps that he took?

  • Victor maintained the existing accounts that came with the business he bought. He expanded his offering to a different geographic areas as well as to other type of business clients.

What type of people does he surround himself with?

  • Victor is a member of a business referral group. He also has a friend who he can float ideas and give honest, truthful feedback.

What was the low point in his entrepreneurial journey, what did he do to get back on track, and what did he learn from that experience?

  • The big recession was the low point. Victor had invested in a large space and million dollar equipment but didn’t make any money during the recession. He ended up selling the plant and equipment while keeping his customer. He partnered with another printing company that handled the printing part.

One personal habit that contributed to his success.

  • Victor try to get out and meet people consistently.

What book(s) would he recommend aspiring entrepreneurs read?

What advice would he give to someone who is starting their journey into entrepreneurship?

  • Profit is an opinion. Cash in the bank is a fact and the

How to reach Victor?

About the author, Melin

Melin is a sales and business coach who works with aspiring, part-time, and new entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business. She partners with her clients to figure out their gifts and talents, explore opportunities that are aligned with their interests and purpose, create strategies to launch their business, develop sales skills and mindset, gain confidence and clarity, and so much more.

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