“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” —Walt Disney

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Welcome to Planning Your Leap!

I created this website for someone just like you who is looking for a way to realize your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and living life on your own terms. My goals are to energize and motivate you to take the first steps by sharing my knowledge and resources.


So, who am I? I am a business mentor and sales mastery coach. I started my first business, a financial coaching company, in 2006 while still working at my corporate job. I juggled both my business and my corporate job until I felt the business could make enough money to support me full-time.


Building a business has been an incredible journey. Sure, it's a lot of hard work and it can be full of ups and downs but it has also brought me great personal and professional growth. I love being a mentor and coach because I can positively impact the well-being and future of others. Words cannot describe my feelings when I see amazing transformations in my clients' lives, whether they are business, personal, or financial.


This site will continue to grow with additional information on sales techniques, marketing strategies, business opportunities, lead generation and more.


I have also written a bestselling book Planning Your Leap: 7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Business Before Quitting Your Day Job, which is currently available on Amazon.


Now, go and take ACTION!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Listen to inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who built their businesses through the highs and lows. Learn the skills and tools needed to launch and grow a business. Archived Episodes: Click Here

110: Dr. David Orman & Lisa Leitl: Success breeds success.


Dr. David Orman is the developer of Doc Wellness Supplement™, the country’s finest herbal anti aging formula. He is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Alternative Medicine Expert and Educator. Dr. Orman is also known as “Doc Wellness” from his very popular alternative medicine blog, and other social networks such as 18,000 followers on Twitter alone.  You can

Listen to the episode here
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109: Anthony Frasier: I wouldn’t know how to be resilient and bulletproof if I hadn’t failed so many times.


Anthony Frasier is a digital strategist, tech entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. A Newark, NJ native, Anthony has a long history of mentoring and advising startups & community infrastructures, to solve real problems and build solutions. Anthony has been instrumental in bringing up a new generation of black & minority technology leaders. A serial entrepreneur,

Listen to the episode here
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Bonus 03: Nicole Liloia: You can’t wait around for the perfect business. It will never find you.


Nicole Liloia, LCSW is a business strategist who works with women entrepreneurs to help them make money doing work they love and grow their profits through multiple income streams. She received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia and is the creator of the Authentic Affiliate Academy. She is a contributor to TinyBuddha, Forbes, HuffingtonPost,

Listen to the episode here
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Latest Blog Posts

Regular updates and articles on making the leap from
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Networking – conversation starters

two talking

Any professional get together can become a networking opportunity. Whether you are at breakfast/lunch events, workshops, seminars, multi-day conventions, or even networking happy hours are rich with prospective connection.
But what if you’re a shy or reserved person? Maybe you feel awkward or tongue tied initiating conversations with complete strangers? That was me when I first

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Networking tips for success and results


Is networking dead? Some people seem to think so. Others think it’s ineffective and time consuming when you can easily have an online presence and connect that way.
In truth, networking is another marketing tool that can be quite powerful when done purposefully. It is not the place to make a sale, but to educate people

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Right now someone far less qualified than you is living your dreams...
all because they didn’t just talk about it... they took action. ~ Brad Sugars 


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